I have been speaking to a few people in one of my Pagan groups about The Sacred Journey and what happens if you do not follow the beliefs and practices?     I said: bad things happen or you miss out on chances to do the right thing.

What I mean by that is simple.   

If The Die instructs you to move to Alaska….and you refuse to do it, of course this begs the question of why roll to ask in the first place if you are going to ignore the answer?   BUT besides that, If you do not do what it says, you miss out on Alaska!

I know what you are thinking-well I didnt want to move to Alaska anyways!

Believe me, I understand completely, when I was told to leave my home town for Las Vegas, I was not really too happy about it and I didnt want to go but I am glad I did in the long run, for one, I would not be here talking to you now had I not…

I was given a computer right after I moved (By The Sacred Journey)   I was told to look for love on the net and when I find it, appreciate it–That is why I cant leave Don till the door opens, I was led to the perfect apartment and the perfect job within a week of arriving here, I came with NO money and NO contacts here so that was nice and then I reunited with my mom and sister when I got here, my sister walked into the bookstore I was working in and told me that my mom who I had not seen or spoken to in 4 years was in town.  

I have had some wonderful experiences here and of course some rotten ones as well but I feel that every experience leads you to be who you are in the next moment, to me, that is fate.  Am I made to feel guilty when I do not do something I am told to do?      

By what?     The Earth?    Nature?   The Die?    Nope!

I would wonder about what experiences I had perhaps missed out on but I would not guilt myself for not following…if that were to ever happen to me!       Someone mentioned self sabotage as well, they probably were speaking of the fact that we must wait for the doors to open or close before we can make serious moves in our lives…

If we allow The Die access to our lives, it can lead us to experience far greater adventures that we could ever choose for ourselves so there is no self sabotage here, I would NOT be working as a Psychic were it not for The Die, I would not have met Don, I would not try new restaurants and foods, hell I would not even be a cook, I would not be online, I would not have a cat, I would not have explored any of the fetishes or lifestyles I had explored, I would not be so open minded to other spiritual paths or cultures, I would not have traveled so much and I certainly would NOT be Spiritual, remember, I was a hardcore anti religious atheist when The die led me to explore my spiritual side….

This is not to say that I would not have a fairly decent life without The Die but It would certainly be a lot more boring than the life I currently have!      I am not interested in being normal or having a mundane boring life!


Am I an atheist?

An Atheist is someone who does not believe in God nor divinity.

They can still believe in Ghosts, angels, demons, reincarnation, magic, etc to be an atheist.

I believe in The Goddess.    I believe The Goddess is The Universe/Nature, I believe in divinity, I believe Nature to be Holy and deserving of Reverence and Honor.   I see Interconnections all around me.  I believe in and practice Magic and Ritual and I practice The Sacred Journey which is allowing The Die to lead and Guide my life.    I certainly do not feel like an atheist though I do see the power in the word itself and the strength the word could give to my life.

As a Satanist (Satanists are atheists)    I always felt that pull to The Goddess, I know it was partly because I was raised in The Craft…   Satanists do not put anything above themselves, they are themselves their own Gods.  I believe The Goddess is above me and in me and around me.  I am not my own God though I do retain many Satanic ethics.    More on that later.

Whenever I have met up with atheist friends and tell them of my latest ritual to raise energy or cleanse my home of negativity or the latest spell I did to bring me something I needed, they look at me with concern and ask if I am feeling alright!    

They make it very known that those beliefs and practices are NOT compatible with atheism in any way shape or form but they are always pleased to know that I am approaching it rationally or as a naturalist.   They encourage me to stay rational but drop ritual and magic-and The Sacred Journey.    

So No, I would not say I am an atheist at all.   

I am not sure I am a theist either.     The Goddess IS The Universe/Nature.   Its not a Universal Source that I can tap into,  It cannot communicate with me, It does not care about me.  Its random.   and Nature is just as much of a bitch as she is a loving mother at times.    The Die which leads me through The Sacred Journey is random but the lessons are the same.   Each one designed to teach me about myself, about my character.   If I am led into an experience I have to be led out of that experience no matter how uncomfortable it may be, this is to learn and grow and for those interested in earning levels and degrees, this is for that as well.

Sometimes though I admit I think too much.   I think that maybe I am just an atheist practicing spirituality and dice living.    A Spiritual atheist?     Sounds a bit strange though to me.

The New Age Movement

I am an uncomfortable member of a Pagan group, I was recently added to it by a friend who says he is a Pagan though he changes his religious title like I change socks so its hard to know where he is coming from.

I am not usually comfortable with groups because they have beliefs and practices that I would label New Age which in Traditional Witchcraft is considered absurd and a big NO NO.   Traditional Witches, in the way I was raised follow the old ways, nothing new about them.

The Group just posted about how magic and spells are rarely used by their members because the law of attraction or manifestation is now being used.   I do not believe in this one bit.  I have thought positive thoughts and only had negativity thrust into my path and I have been the most negative Nancy I could be that day and had really good things happen to me and whenever I have wanted or needed something big to happen, simply wishing it so never made it happen-I had to work for it, cast a spell or wait patiently for The Sacred Journey to bring it to me.

Other New Age beliefs I have encountered in Pagan groups of course include Karma.  This is an Eastern religious belief and has nothing to do with Traditional Witchcraft which teaches responsibility for our actions.  Karma believes that whatever you send out will come back to you over many lifetimes, as a Naturalist I do not see any evidence for more than one life time, let alone many and I have never experienced Karma, I have done many unethical things in my time in Satanism and nothing ever happened to me because of it but with Karma believers there is no time limit, My friend Cynde says–It will.      31 Years and counting, still waiting but then again God/Jesus will still contact me.   

A newer fad that I see in Wicca is that Magic is an optional practice, when I was growing up, all Wiccans practiced Magic which was an integral part of their belief system!   When I was growing up, Wicca was one path and Witchcraft was a completely separate religion with its own beliefs, practices and customs, now its very common to see: Witchcraft is magic, Wicca is the religion!   

I am not Wiccan and was not raised in it, I was raised in Shadakism which IS a religious Tradition Of Witchcraft.  

Hey, I am not against you practicing New Age beliefs, have at it!   but do not tell me that you can mix them into The Craft and I cannot say anything.   That is all,   Rant over.



The Goddess.
The Universe/Nature deserves respect, reverence and honor. The Elements and Energies that exist in Nature all have an Interdependent and Interconnected quality and we need to respect the cycle of life which we are all apart of.

Most of mine come from my time in Satanism. I believe in leaving people alone who have done me no harm but when someone does harm me or a loved one, they had better watch out. I take no issue with a little Dark Ritual or Dark Magic to get revenge or pent up negative emotions out of my system. I also believe in The Satanic laws and statements (Most of them) I also take no issue with lesser magic if I see a need.

There is a certain time of day (Dusk) when I feel completely connected and alive and this is the perfect time for me to take a walk by a river or light a candle and take a bath or just go outside and connect to the trees and grass, I also enjoy ritual time when it rains and when I feel a need to do it Intuitively, I also celebrate my Birthday as a holy day, From Satanism again, Walpurgisnacht which is the day The Church of Satan was created, Halloween which for me is a day to honor The Ancestors and Winter Solstice or Yule which is a time to spend with friends, family and loved ones exchanging gifts, stories and food.

While I consider Magic to be a HIGHLY Psychological tool, I do consider the possibility that it could be more? I practice candle magic, dark and white magic and spells which are all very different from one another. Magic is the core of who and what I am.

I have struggled long and hard with this and have come to Naturalistic Paganism with strong Satanic leanings. I will know more of my path when I complete instruction #2 in The Sacred Journey which requires me to purchase the rest of the approved books for my Path and for example: If the die says to buy all of the books in The Satanic series, I will know right there that Satanism may be more of a correct path for me, The same goes for any books from any Path that it selects which is why its important that I get that big call and get to that next step.

The Die
The Die is a Sacred Tool in my Path, Though Not Divination (seeing the future) but as a guide so I know which direction to take, which books to read, which days are Rituals (if Using it for that) etc….The Die is said to be random by some and The Goddess by others but I do not think that it matters to be honest, as long as I learn the lessons I need to learn…Once rolled though, the answer is final.

The Sacred Journey
This is both a series of books that have been passed down through my family (149 to be exact) and approved books written by outside authors such as –as an example The Satanic Bible-By Anton LaVey, certainly not a Witch, that book has been approved for my specific Journey where as someone else practicing would NOT have to read that book, each person’s Journey is very different as we are all on different paths.

We read one book at a time and follow The instructions inside, we do this by rolling The Die or trusting our Intuition. For example if the instruction is to move to Alaska and leave everyone and everything behind without saying Goodbye–That would feel wrong to me and I would think that was wrong for me to do but I would still cast The Die because That could be my Path.

Whatever The Die leads us into, The Die must lead us out of or The instruction must come to a Natural conclusion on its own. For example if I am told to take a job at a restaurant and my boss is an asshole and my co-workers all hate me, I cant just up and quit because I am not happy or comfortable–I have to wait till A. The restaurant closes down or burns down (The job ends on its own) or B. I am led to quit by The Sacred Journey–Books.

Levels & Degrees
For some Witches who follow The Sacred Journey they choose to earn levels and degrees. This means that as I read each book completely and do what each Die instruction has led me to experience, I cast The Die and ask–Have I earned a Level or Degree depending on where I am in The Journey?

This used to be very important to me but not so much anymore…

Changing Religions
I have NEVER changed Religions. This is something quite misunderstood by a great Number of people around me. My beliefs and practices have never changed, Not once. Only my label changes because I search for just that one right label that fits me-I have found it. But when I was a Satanist I still believed in The Die, The Goddess, Pagan Rituals, when I was a Pagan I still believed in Satanic ethics, when I was a Spiritual Atheist I still believed in Magic. Nothing has changed but the label.

The Supernatural
I am a serious skeptic. But Yes, I do have some beliefs that some people would call Supernatural. Fate for example. Soul Mates for another. I am ever evolving though and as I said, when the call finally comes in and I can ask about what other books need to be here, I will have clearer answers and be able to move on to Instruction #3 to boot!

I cant wait!


This was an article I wrote for a year or two ago.    I have changed since this was written but not that much.

I still revere and honor The Goddess and view her exactly the same as I did then-as The Universe/Nature and The Elements and Energies.   I have added The Ancestors into my practices though because I have come to a new understanding of them being The dearly departed and of course around us energy wise.

I still do not believe in the rede but this is because I am ok with Dark Rituals to get pent up negative energies out-I learned this from my time in Satanism and I believe in Black Magic–Curses and Hexes for the same reason, of course like all magic these are psychological practices from personal experience but this does not make them any less powerful.

I still have random ritual days BUT The Die no longer decides when they are, I do, based on my intuitive feelings but I know that when we get to Oregon in a few months, I plan to go back to Random Rituals decided by The Die because I plan to do more rituals there because of the Ocean or River that is going to be around me!

I still use very little tools but have added a spell bowl in, a chalice for wine and a bell to call in The Elements and Energies.  I still believe that certain candles represent certain energies.   Since the article, new books have been added into The Sacred Journey, The # now is 149.  + The Approved books which I am still gathering, these come from many other religious paths and I still do not know which ones I need.

I still do not believe in The Afterlife.   Indirect reincarnation Yes.   Our energies are reabsorbed back into The Goddess and we become The Ancestors.  Can people communicate with us?   Not to me, not other than just going outside and hugging a tree or talking to the wind.    

My partner and I live together now so I have one simple Altar.   

And Lastly I still follow The Sacred Journey and The Die.  I still believe in living a very humble life and waiting for The doors to open.   That is one reason I allow myself to stay in some pretty scary and miserable situations like Satanism, I had to follow that Path through to its natural end-which has not fully happened yet by the way, I am still reading books from that religion and seeing where they take me, what lessons I need to apply into my life, I am with Don even though we have not been happy for a long time, I know that his mom just died and we are dealing with extra stress of selling the house and such so I am hoping that things change between us and work out down the road, that is all I can do, I cannot leave until The Door to leave opens since The Die is what led me to Don in the first place–People do not understand that I suppose though.

I consider myself to be very deeply Spiritual despite being Naturalistic.     I go outside and commune with Nature, especially at Dusk-My favorite time of the day, the air is crisp and there is just this energy in the air, this smell, I feel so connected….   I spirit dance when I can, practice Magic and Ritual…Yes, its psychological as far as I can see but its still very powerful.   As for The Sacred Journey I still believe in it, I still believe that what it leads me to is something very good for me to experience but is it random?     Maybe, does it matter?    If the experiences it leads me to are powerful and life changing?    I am going to ask that question when I get that big call and find out which books I need for The Sacred Journey in a few days (hours hopefully)   but still waiting for that big call.

You know…

You could be the call I am waiting for!


I hesitate even now to use the term “Naturalistic” Pagan.   

Am I a total Naturalist?

Magic is a regular practice for me and when I cast a spell I admit its mainly to make the person feel better, if they know that someone has prayed for them or lit a candle, they may feel better faster and also when I look over at the lit candle and remember that my friend has some illness, my world does not feel as dark and I get over myself very quickly.

But do I believe that my candle magic will heal that person?    No.   Its psychological.

I view The Universe/Nature as The Goddess but I could easily remove that word and Id have the same beliefs and practices, sometimes I think I should remove the word, I have friends who think that I believe in a Universal Source that can be tapped into whenever I need something…It confuses them.    Then again, they may be confused with Universe.

I have ritual tools-a chalice to drink wine..a bell to call in the elements…a spell bowl to throw the paper while it burns but to me these are only symbolic tools, I don’t really need them to be a practicing Pagan, I just enjoy having them, they are aesthetically pleasing to me to look over at my Altar and see them.

The die is also random.  The books and Die may seem as if they are working together to bring me just what I need but I have seen the craziness of the system.  I have seen the Die ask me to explore Christianity and Satanism at the same time.   I have seen the Die tell me to explore fetishes even when they are dangerous or abusive, I have seen this and so I know The Die is random but its still a useful guide, it has led me to experiences that I would never have tried on my own and I have secularized The Die and now use it in Food and Travel as well as Spiritual life changes but I have to admit I still believe in fate.   That is not a Naturalistic concept?    

I also believe that whatever The Die brings to me is what I have to stay in, I have to let the new door open or the old door close before I can move on to the next instruction.   Something to think about or examine more closely when I have the time-Next Ritual perhaps.

I have always hated the idea of being boxed in because what if I have an experience that is “supernatural”?   What if I experience that Magic does work or that The Ancestors are not just the wind and rain but actual spirits?  Of course I realize that I have been practicing The Craft for nearly 30 Years and that has never happened, I have never experienced anything other than the wonderful NATURAL world.    

The Sacred Journey….

The Sacred Journey has very few requirements and so much reward!

The first thing you need to know is that there are 2 ways to practice.   


You can simply read the books, follow the instructions and see where the die takes you or


You can use the books to earn your levels and degrees.   There are 4 degrees to being a Witch in my family and 6 levels within each degree.   I have never earned a single level because it takes MANY years of study and practice to do it and I just have not learned the patience as of yet to make that happen.

Also The Witchcraft Tradition I was raised in says to wait for all doors to open or close when dealing with life.  So for example if I wanted to change Jobs, I would have to wait for The Sacred Journey (The Books and The Die) to bring such an instruction into my Path.    

Waiting for the doors to open teaches us to be patient.    And to live in the moment.

The First 2 instructions of The Sacred Journey this time around-I practiced it once before but I was led to some very different and powerful life changes, took a 5 year break from it and now I am back again, trying again to see what it can do for my life now that I have gone through so many personal changes…so the first was to find a label that fit–I am sure its Solitary Eclectic Witch but I am going to ask The die in a few days to clarify a few answers that may change what I think to be true.

The Second was to get the rest of the approved books that need to be here in order to completely practice The Sacred Journey, when I ask The Die which books need to be here, my path will become clear because for example if I am told to buy books on Satanism or Taoism, I will know that those religions, some of their beliefs or practices need to be added into mine.

Hope this clarifies a bit of what The SJ means to me and what it teaches?